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P25 Radio Test Set

An advanced test solution for Project 25 Since 1976, IFR has provided cutting-edge test solutions to the mobile radio industry.

IFR carries on that tradition with the 2975 communications service monitor. It’s a test solution designed from the ground up to handle today’s advanced communications applications.

  • Project 25 parametric, protocol and Common Air Interface testing
  • IMBE vocoder and data encryption testing for radios, base stations
    and repeaters
  • DES OFB Type III encryption support/decryption support
  • Legacy FM system support
  • Exclusive C4FM EVM meter allows for true transmitter alignment

Full-featured Communications Service Monitor

While the 2975 pushes testing technology to a higher level, we didn’t forget about the basics. For complete transmitter spectrum performance testing, swept antenna and transmission line testing and at-a-glance troubleshooting, the 2975 comes standard with a digitized 2.7 GHz spectrum analyzer and dual channel digital storage oscilloscope. Then, with the functionality of over 20 discrete instruments integrated into a single platform, the 2975 provides all the tools you need to perform comprehensive general purpose RF testing.

  • RF Receive / Generate with full cross band Duplex Operation
  • C4FM / FM modulation and demodulation
  • RF Power / Frequency / Frequency Error / Distortion / SINAD / AF Level / Voltage Meters

High Tech Testing That’s Decidedly Simple To Use. Building advanced functionality into a test instrument means little if it’s too complex to use efficiently. That’s why we’ve focused considerable resources on ensuring the 2975’s advanced functions are easily harnessed.

Man-Machine Interface. The high-resolution color display and alphanumeric keypad with multi-task soft keys provide the foundation of a user-friendly interface. Then we re-thought our menu structure to make even the most complex test routines simple and straightforward. We also included a UUT test port for automated radio testing. A 2 GB internal hard drive and 3.5 inch floppy drive simplify program installation and maximize flexibility in storage and recall of setup information and test data.

New SmartNet™ / SmartZone™ Test Functions Provide New Ways to Test Trunked Radio Systems (OPT1)

With the optional SmartNet™ / SmartZone™ application, the 2975 provides innovative ways to test trunked radio systems including a new "scanner" mode that allows the user to follow a call from the control channel to the voice channel. This unique functions allows for fast testing of system operation as well as RF performance tests. The 2975 also provides a new function unavailable in the market before with the ability to handoff to a P25 traffic channel directly from a SmartZone™ Control Channel, allowing for true interoperability testing.

Portability. At 33 lb., the 2975 is perfect for the field technician with a lot of ground to cover. Plus, its rugged design make it an ideal solution for the rigors of the field.

Designed to be Future Proof. Best of all, its unique modular design, extended frequency range and cutting-edge baseband processing is designed to keep pace with new technology. When new signal processing requirements are developed, you can be up-and-testing with a simple software upgrade. That means lower life-cycle costs and increased efficiency for you.

Download Data Sheet Here:

2975 Data Sheet



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